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The Ma-Tov Difference
Simply put
You Get More at Ma-Tov!
Ma-Tov has an experienced professional senior staff who are teachers, social workers, psychologists, and college students who return year after year. They succeed in making camp safe and fun, where campers learn and grow socially, physically and spiritually.
Our wonderful staff is devoted to providing a safe and secure environment of incomparable supervision where your child can thrive. Your children will be able to develop their leadership skills, enhance their self-confidence and practice positive socialization in our professionally run program.
Ma-Tov is 19 beautiful acres of grass, trees, flowers and hiking trails with numerous baseball and soccer fields, volleyball, tennis and hockey courts. There are two large heated swimming pools, an expansive indoor gym, full children's playground, miniature golf course, game room, nature center, and a ceramics, arts and crafts center.
In our child centered sports program campers learn developmentally appropriate skills and strategies. There are opportunities for positive competitive experiences during leagues and inter-group play. A variety of sports clinics, led by the sports staff and college and semi-pro athletes, further improve our campers' skills and abilities.
A professional water safety team provides instruction so that campers learn to swim using the American Red Cross program. Progress is consistently monitored throughout the summer as campers move from level to level.
The chinuch program stresses Torah values, exemplary middot and a love of Israel and the Jewish people. Campers enjoy experiential and hands on learning in an informal camp setting. Parsha prizes, plays and Shabbos programming bring Judaism alive.
Music helps us create a fun-loving atmosphere and turn our programs into exciting memorable experiences. Our music specialist brings the latest Jewish music to our campers. They enjoy playing, singing, dancing, performing, and listening to music throughout the day.
Ruach is our camp's soul. Songs, cheers and smiles express the joy felt throughout the day at Ma-Tov. Every camper and staff member gets involved in the fun.

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